Heidelberg Honors Our Veterans

Heidelberg Honors Our Veterans

The Heidelberg Family of Companies salutes the men and women who have served, and those who are still serving, in our Armed Forces. 

November is a time to reflect on all for which we are grateful – our families, our friendships, and our right to the pursuit of happiness. On November 11, in observance of Veterans Day, we honor the Service members and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who have helped us to maintain these liberties through their tireless patriotism, loyalty, and selfless sacrifice for our great Nation.

Veterans Day offers a chance for reflection: what words like freedom, sacrifice, patriotism, and resilience really mean, and the individuals who best personify them.  We, as a Nation, must continue to hold in the highest regard the service and sacrifice made on behalf of our Armed Forces – and recall the myriad contributions of our veterans, who are embedded in the fabric of America’s history and future.

Mark Augspurger, Joe Brooks, Willis Miller, Mary Stimac

Dan Greathouse, Larry Marino, Steve Sawhill, Zachary Ray

Joe Lowery, Jason Moore, Kirk Riley, Jacob Stevens, John Hughes,
Evan Law, Anthony Monahan, Christopher Sanders

Teresa Beasecker, Brian Birch, Chris Emmons, Troy Frazier, Andrew Garvic,
Dennis Kitchen, Nicholas Landis, Jason Michaels, Vail Miller, Sr.,
Brandon Morgan, Richard Needles, Lewis Pelfrey, David Pitzer Jr.,
Marty Ramsey, Michael Raines, Daniel Rich, Donovan Widney,
Antone Allen, Cody Butschillinger, Quentin Wood, Sean Bennett

Jeff Liggett, Morgan Wright, Dennis Bishop

Jerry Counts, Chris Howell,
Melissa Incorvia, Jenna Gunther

John Wittrock, Justin Cline, Nick Miniard, Herman Travis, Ron Taylor,
Dave Cramer, Chris McKay Sr., Gary Peak, Jeremy Haines,
Anthony Carter, Joe Olson

Ben Costanzo, Sebastian Palicki, Mark Weaver, Andrew Jones

Greg Endsley, Cody Myers, Steven Krohn


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