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Certified Cicerone®

A Certified Cicerone® has a detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service issues and an understanding of beer ingredients and the brewing process. A Cicerone® is familiar with modern beers and styles as well as historical styles and beer history. He/she can identify both flawed beers and recognize appropriate and inappropriate flavors in modern beer styles and has the ability to recommend beer pairings for common foods.

The three levels of available certifications through the Cicerone® certification program are – Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone® and Master Cicerone®.


Wine & Spirits

The Master of Wine and Master Sommelier are two of the highest designations a person can earn in the wine world, and they are awarded by an organization called the Court of Master Sommeliers. There are just over 300 Masters of Wine in the world, and roughly the same number of Master Sommeliers.

Candidates must pass four extremely difficult examination levels to attain the qualification of Master Sommelier. Level I – Introductory Sommelier, Level II – Certified Sommelier, Level III – Advanced Sommelier, Level IV – Master Sommelier.

En route to the Master of Wine designation is the diploma from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust. This is a two to three year program that ends in the DWS designation, which is also known as the AIWS in the United Kingdom.

The Society of Wine Educators offers three designations: CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine), CWE (Certified Wine Educator) and CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits).

The CSW is received following a very involved written test in which one must get 80 percent of the questions right. Once the CSW is earned, one can work towards the CWE, which tests a candidate’s wine knowledge as well as their tasting acumen and teaching ability. The CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits) tests a candidate’s spirits knowledge and mastery of key elements within the world of distillation and spirits production.



The Certified Sake Professional (CSP) certification is earned after successfully passing a 75-question multiple-choice examination covering all basic aspects of sake. It assesses the ability to professionally work with sake and demonstrate competence about all things sake related including terminology, classifications, production and culture.


Heidelberg's Certified Experts

Certified Cicerone®
Chris Emmons Director of Craft - Rampant Brands Dayton
Sean Hice President & General Manager Cleveland
Meghan Miller On-Premise Beer Manager Lorain
Ryan Montrie General Sales Manager, Wine Toledo
Sebastian Palicki District Manager, Beer Toledo
Certified Sake Professional (CSP)
Mary Horn Vice President of Fine Wine Education Cincinnati
Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS)
Mary Horn Vice President of Fine Wine Education Cincinnati
Jason Shartzer General Sales Manager Cincinnati
Certified Sommelier (CS)
Drew Carter Sales Professional Toledo
Jenny Hicks Sales Professional Cincinnati

Luke Hueckel

Regional Sales Manager


Christina Lakatos

Regional Sales Manager


Introductory Sommelier, Level I
Ross Highley Sales Professional Cincinnati
Advanced Sommelier, Level IV
Mary Horn Vice President of Fine Wine Education Cincinnati
Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)
Drew Baloun Sales Professional Cincinnati/Ohio Valley
Dan Berg Sales Professional Columbus
Dawn Bianconcini Sales Professional Kentucky
Reed Birkenholtz District Manager Columbus
Kevin Boehm District Manager Toledo/Berman Wine
Allen Bokelman Sales Professional Cincinnati
Kerri Breeze Sales Professional, Wine Trends Cincinnati
Ernest Brown General Sales Manager, Wine Trends Dayton
Teresa Budinski District Manager Cleveland
Clay Carpenter Statewide Craft Beer Manager Kentucky
Jimmy Carpenter Vice President & General Manager Kentucky
Sean Cathcart Sales Professional Cleveland
Todd Chichka Sales Professional Columbus
Tracy Eilers On-Premise Manager Cincinnati/Ohio Valley
Jerry Ervin District Manager Lorain
Dick Fruehwald Sales Professional Cincinnati/Ohio Valley
Michael Grote, Jr. Sales Professional Kentucky
Ken Hall Sales Professional, Allied Wine Dayton
Bo Hammons Sales Professional, Allied Wine Dayton
Shaun Hardon Sales Professional Cleveland
Sarah Hatfield Sales Professional Columbus
Kymberly Henson Sales Professional Kentucky
Rick Hetzel Sales Professional, Wine Trends Cleveland
Sean Hice President & General Manager Cleveland
Doug Hill Sales Professional Dayton
Mary Horn Vice President of Fine Wine Education Cincinnati
Luke Hueckel Regional Manager, Wine Trends Columbus
Lisa Jones Sales Professional, Wine Trends Columbus
Pat Keith Field Sales Manager Cincinnati/Ohio Valley
Kelly Knafel Sales Professional Cincinnati
Chris Knapick District Manager Toledo
Christina Lakatos Regional Sales Manager Cleveland
Ian McDonald Director of Fine Wine Cleveland
Stacey Meyer Fine Wine Manager Cincinnati
Brent Miller Sales Professional, Allied Wine Dayton
Joshua Mulberry General Sales Manager, Wine & Spirits Kentucky
Nikki Mulholland Sales Professional, Berman Wine Columbus
Rob Owens Fine Wine Manager Cincinnati/Ohio Valley
Leslie Peters Sales Professional Columbus
Lonnie Petter Area Manager, Louisville/Western KY Kentucky
David Pitzer Sales Professional Dayton
Maggie Reedy-Gee Sales Professional, Wine Trends Cincinnati
Mark Schneider Sales Professional Cincinnati
Jason Shartzer General Sales Manager Cincinnati
Matt Smith Director of On-Premise Cincinnati
Stewart Sollitto On-Premise Manager Columbus
Rob Vonderbrink Fine Wine Manager Dayton
Michelle Walther On-Premise Manager Cincinnati
Steve Weeks Sales Professional Columbus
Jim Wiggers District Manager Columbus

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