MERF Cabernet Sauvignon

MERF Cabernet Sauvignon

MERF isn’t the most romantic name you’ll find on a bottle of wine. But it stands for something. More importantly, someone. Winemaker David “Merf” Merfeld is described as a man “born in Iowa, reborn in Washington.” He is an expert winemaker, former brewer, part-time wanderer and endless tinkerer. His new MERF Cabernet Sauvignon is balanced, soft and approachable. With flavors of blackberry, vanilla and subtle spice notes, this wine has silky tannins and a lasting finish.

Grapes were sourced from vineyards throughout eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley, which lie in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains and receive just six to eight inches of rain each year.

You’ll also want to try David Merfeld’s MERF Chardonnay. Both the Chard and Cab are now available at your favorite wine store.




















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